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Nominations and updates!

May. 15th, 2006 | 01:47 pm
posted by: aberrantvirtue in love_of_books

So, I'm going to post a firm version of the rules and book picking guidelines in a few minutes. This post is to open the floor to nominations for books! What would you like us to read?

Remember, since this is the first nominations post, anyone can nominate a book. Please post a comment which contains the title of the book and a blurb. The blurb can be taken from Amazon, Powell's, B&N.com, or any other source you'd like. If you write the blurb yourself, please avoid spoilers.

Also, I highly recommend nominating books even if you've never read them. An interesting cover is reason enough!

Nominations are open until 11:59pm PDT 05/21/06.

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Book selection guidelines

May. 2nd, 2006 | 10:32 am
posted by: aberrantvirtue in love_of_books

The book selection guidelines are not rules per se, but in general if a book doesn't fit within these guidelines a better idea if you want to read it in a group should be to make a post asking if anyone is interested in reading it with you, but not as the group selection.

On to the guidelines.

1) Books should be fiction. This means not true. For the sake of definition, for this group fiction does not include roman a clef, thinly disguised autobiography, or anything for which there are citations in the text of primary/secondary sources. Fiction does include however: historical fiction (this event happened, but the motivations of the people involved are all imagined for the purpose of the story), science fiction, fantasy, literary fiction, realistic fiction, military fiction, and anything not previously mentioned which is (as emphasized) not true.

2) Books should have a page length at least equal to a novella. (Roughly 200 printed pages.) They can be short story collections, novels, novellas, epic fictional poems (if you really, really want, I guess), experimentally structured, or other works not covered by the previous. The exception is for now: no graphic novels (they tend to be the series, which can be painful to start in the middle of or not to finish).

3) Books nominated may contain graphic scenes that are violent or adult in nature, vulgar language, or similar. As we are all adults, I believe these books can be handled in a mature fashion.

4) Books nominated should, for the most part, be new to the group. Any book nomination to which more than 25% of the group responds that they've already read it will be weighted less heavily in the poll. (Meaning if it ties with a book no one's read yet, we'll choose the book that no one's read yet.)

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Draft "rules" post, taken from yesterday's comments, etc...

May. 2nd, 2006 | 10:08 am
posted by: aberrantvirtue in love_of_books

So this is the draft rules post. When they become finalized, I'll post a link in the user info. Also, what would you like to see listed as interests for the community? Do you (the members) prefer it be open membership, moderated membership, or closed membership (meaning by invitation only)? If closed membership, do you want it to be a group thing (voting), or just members can invite new members?

Draft Rules:

1) There will be one "group" book selection a month. It will be chosen democratically via a nomination post where books are nominated and blurbed in the comments, and then a voting post which will contain a poll listing the titles of the books for referring to the blurbs.

2) Any member who did not have their book chosen the previous month as the group selection may nominate a book.

3) All members may vote for the selection of the month.

4) Regardless of what you think of the book, save your criticisms for the book itself (content, subject, style, etc.) and not the person who nominated it. Any critiques which become critical of a member will be hidden. On the first time a member will be warned, on the second time (if it is necessary) the member will lose posting access to the community.

5) There is a seperate entry for book selection guidelines. While books falling outside of these guidelines may be quite interesting, at this time, these guidelines are how we are going to select books. Depening on the response to the first few selections, these guidelines may be up for negotiation.

6) All posts which may contain spoilers (especially about the group selection) should be put behind an LJ cut and marked with the tag "spoiler". Since we all read at different rates, this will help to keep from ruining the story we are in the middle of.

7) A comprehensive tag list will be created with group input. After the list is finalized, if you have a new tag you wish to add, please e-mail me, and we can discuss it. Tags which seem especially relevant or useful will be posted to the group for discussion before being added to the list.

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How I envision this!

May. 1st, 2006 | 03:35 pm
posted by: aberrantvirtue in love_of_books

Every month a single book will be selected to be the book that the whole community will read (or try to read). This will be done through a process of suggestions (I'll make a post that you can nominate books to) and then a poll with the books nominated that month in it. (When you nominate a book, please include a short description of it...the blurb from Amazon or Powells will be fine!)

Other than that, I'd like this to be a place of freewheeling book discussion. Read a book and loved it? Write about it. Read a book and hated it? Warn us! Writing a paper about a book for school? Post it if you want. Need to find a book you have vague memories of? Ask the community and maybe someone will recognize it!

So, thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

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